Two of the country’s largest e-scooter companies have been accused of gross negligence and a series of assaults stemming from hit-and-run incidents involving pedestrians, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

A self-driving ride-hailing company has launched in Arlington, Tex., where a fleet of robot-driven vans ferry people between downtown landmarks, restaurants and sporting events.

The app launched last week and already has thousands of downloads, its founder says.

Alexander Reben trained artificial intelligence to create restaurant-style fortune-cookie fortunes. The roboticist didn't expect that the AI would start producing strange and ominous messages, many of them tinged with absurdist humor.

Boston Dynamics has riveted YouTubers with videos showing their robots performing physical feats. The tech company's latest teaser video shows their popular robot, Atlas, doing tricks worthy of a gymnastic competition.

A growing number of simulations are helping audiences understand the consequences of ignoring hurricane evacuation warnings.

In photos, it looks like an upscale Manhattan penthouse for a lucky owner. In reality, the $15,000 a month home appearing on Instagram is a place for select "influencers" to create the illusion of a curated lifestyle.

Honda will invest $2.75 billion into Cruise's autonomous vehicle operations over the next 12 years.

If the sensors detect a sudden change in motion and force indicating that the user has been involved in an accident, the app alerts 911 without the user’s prompting.

Technology is being designed to help survivors of sexual assault move beyond one of the biggest hurdles they face after abuse: reporting their assailant to authorities.

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