Two U.S. cities, have agreed to a 60-day pilot program installing dozens of electric docking stations on sidewalks. The stations give riders a designated place to park their devices, keeping sidewalks free of clutter.

Lilium, a Munich-based startup, has unveiled an electric five-seat, air taxi prototype that completed its first flight earlier this month. The aircraft is designed to take-off and land vertically.

A California researcher has created a robot that allows police officers to conduct traffic stops without leaving the relative safety of their vehicle.

Now Burger King has unveiled a direct to driver delivery concept the company has labeled “The Traffic Jam Whopper.” The initiative, which is being rolled out in Mexico City, allows drivers to order food directly to their car, where it is delivered via motorcycle.

Researchers from The Institute for Human & Machine Cognition have released a video showing a humanoid walking autonomously across a series of narrow blocks. Researchers are trying to create a bipedal machine that can traverse a variety of terrains with the same ease as humans.

At the London Marathon, participants received a new kind of refreshment: tiny pouches filled with a sports drink and made from seaweed. The squishy pods gave race organizers a chance to cut down on the flood of plastic waste that accompanies major sporting events.

Lime scooters have caught fire, broken apart in use, and been recalled after a technical bug caused “sudden excessive braking during use.” This week, a small number of scooters in Brisbane, Australia were hacked, causing the devices to say profane things to potential riders.

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A new U.N. report makes clear that the lack of connectivity among those displaced from their homes, and often their countries, is particularly acute.

A less dangerous idea resulted in Speedgate, a sport that blends elements of rugby, croquet, soccer and Ultimate Frisbee.

U.S. robotics company Boston Dynamics has debuted a new promotional video showing its four-legged dog-like robot, SpotMini, pulling a box truck. The video shows off the machine's physical prowess ahead of a potential commercial launch later this year.

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