University of Maryland researchers say a new temperature-regulating fabric could help people save energy and reduce the costs of air conditioning and heating.

Ashanti Jordan was riding an electric scooter on the street when she was hit by a car in December, leaving her severely injured. The problem, family members say, is that she was following the scooter company's riding instructions.

A trio of robotic nurses with glowing red eyes and brown wigs has debuted in a Bangkok hospital. The humanoid robots reveal how androids might be well received in one country but considered creepy in another, experts say.

Austin police said Mark Sands was riding a Lime scooter when he was struck by an Uber driver, leaving him fatally injured.

The machine is nicknamed "the replicator" after a fictional device from the television show "Star Trek," which created food and objects on command.

It superimposes computer-generated images onto real-world imagery.

A newly released video from MIT shows a robot developed by the school’s engineers playing Jenga with surprising precision. Researchers say the the machine is on the verge of defeating its human competition.

Researchers have developed an expanding pill that could limit the stomach’s ability to take in excessive calories. The pill swells after it’s ingested and could remain inside the stomach for as long as a month.

An Austin teenager is accused of robbing a bank before fleeing on an electric scooter. The device –– which is tracked using GPS and contains a user's personal information –– helped police identify and charge the suspect with a crime.

A newly released study has found that more people were injured riding standing electric scooters than by riding bicycles or traveling on foot, according to statistics from two Los Angeles hospitals. Documenting injury statistics from Sept. 2017 to August 2018, the study — published this week in the medical journal JAMA Network Open — found that many of those injuries were serious in nature, if not severe.

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