Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, looked at 100 metro areas across the US to rank average tech salaries.

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, will ask electronic scooter manufacturers to make clear in their online listings that their devices cannot be used on public roads.

The University of California announced that an artificial intelligent system has solved the puzzle in just over a second, besting the human world record by more than two seconds.

For the past few months, the nation’s largest employer has begun evaluating workers using an experimental tool: virtual reality.

A Chicago cyclist was injured by an electric scooter rider who fled the scene. Now he's gone to court to get the city's scooter companies to turn over personal information about their riders and their history.

Loon — an Internet-providing balloon service owned by Alphabet, Google’s parent company — will give “mountain villagers” in Kenya the opportunity to purchase 4G service.

A newly opened Delaware seafood restaurant has a unique item on its menu: robot servers. The machines are the latest example of intelligent machines working in the restaurant industry.

A team of researchers from Dartmouth say they’ve created a mobile sensing system — consisting of fitness bracelets, sensors and a custom app — that can measure employee performance with about 80 percent accuracy.

Starsky Robotics has begun testing unmanned, remotely operated trucks on highways. The vehicles are being pitched as a solution for the industry's massive driver shortage.

Known as “My Special Aflac Duck,” the robot is merging play with tools that help doctors do their jobs.

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