Here’s a new feature we’re bringing to the blog: “Innovation in 5” – five interesting reads for the day:

A pumpjack operates at the Inglewood Oil field in Los Angeles, California, U.S., on Thursday, Oct. 19, 2012. (Patrick Fallon – BLOOMBERG)

1) “The biggest service we provide people is helping them discover things in new ways,” said cofounder Smita Saxena. In other calendar news, the White House Correspondents dinner is on Saturday.

(Venture Beat:  “Shake up your calendar with, events tailored just for you“)

2) “Scientists in Haifa, Israel are going to start growing bones in a new factory, which will be ready later this year.”

(PSFK: Scientists grow test tube bones)

3) This is a bonus two-fer from the Atlantic, with one piece focusing on the good, the bad and the ugly of new technologies that could stop the countdown on the world’s fossil-fuel supply. The second piece focuses on the reason we can’t “neglect a vital second options: carbon capture.”

(The Atlantic: Learning to live with fossil fuels | What if we never run out of oil)

4) Robert Scoble on wearing Google Glass in public bathrooms: “I’ve worn them into about 20 bathrooms this week and I haven’t had a problem yet.”

(The Next Web: What is the proper etiquette for Google Glass in a public bathroom? Nothing, really, according to Scoble)

(Related: Vivek Wadhwa on Wearable tech and the futurists’ conundrum)

5) “We don’t know for sure that pi contains all possible strings of decimal digits, but on a deeper level, the meme is right. And if it gets you pondering the mysteries of infinity, so much the better. You won’t be alone.” – Evelyn Lamb

(Slate: Your life in pi)

Disclosure: The author’s sibling works for Google, but not on the Glass project.