Here’s what we’re reading today:

Iron Man Iron Man. (AP)

1) “They note that, besides the obvious part about a brand new DNA binding protein, their most important insight is that there are still new things out there to be discovered.” – Diana Gitig

(Ars Tecchnica: “Researchers find a completely new DNA binding protein“)

2) “The philosophy behind modern mathematical physics is that God in some sense created the world according to mathematical equations. So when we find this ultimate set of equations we will in some sense be knowing the mind of God, reading the mind of God, seeing how God did it.

Well that may possibly be so, but the problem that you have is what about the redemptive function of God?”

(Big Think: “What physics can and can’t say about God“)

3) “From strength-enhancing exoskeletons to repulsor rays and sentient robot sidekicks, becoming a real-life Iron Man wouldn’t be easy — and it definitely wouldn’t be cheap — but it wouldn’t be entirely outside the realm of possibility, either.” – Graeme McMillan

(Wired: “How to be a real-life Iron Man“)

4) “I will never live a day of my life from now on without it (or a competitor). It’s that significant.” – Robert Scoble

(Robert Scoble: “My two-week review of Glass: It all depends on the price“)

5) “I still put stock in my larger theory: Once the sites that manage bitcoin become easier to use, more people will buy the currency and bitcoin will take off. There are some genuine uses for it as a currency—there are plenty of people who want to transfer money anonymously, over long distances, for free. Bitcoin is the best way to do that right now.” – Farhad Manjoo

(Slate: I survived the Bitcoin bubble)

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