Here’s what we’re reading/watching today:

Zoe Saldana as Uhura and Zachary Quinto as Spock in “Star Trek Into Darkness.” (Zade Rosenthal)

1) The reviews for “Star Trek into Darkness” are coming in. The Post’s Ann Hornaday writes that the film can be “summed up, quite simply, as a triumph of casting.” While The Verge’s Bryan Bishop writes that the film is one “where nobody ever truly feels in jeopardy’ and that, as a result, “never earns the payoffs it’s reaching for.”

The franchise has been consistent fuel to the science-fiction world for decades. It has also inspired a number of technologies, with the Tricorder X Prize to “[empower] personal healthcare” one of the latest and most direct references to the fictional technologies.

2) If you’re wondering what a 30- to 60-minute coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook is worth, it’s $610,000. Well, that’s what an auction for such a meeting closed for  Tuesday, according to TUAW’s Michael Grothaus. The auction was conducted on CharityBuzz, and the name of the winner has not been released. The funds will go to the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, which is running a series of celebrity-related auctions, including a non-speaking walk-on role in Jim Carrey’s next movie and a personal tour of Jay Leno’s car collection and a “Tonight Show” backstage meeting.

3) Augmented reality, meet 3D printing. The two technologies have been combined in Ultimarker, created by Dutch artist Sander Veenhof and designer Joris van Tubergen. Ultimarker shows what object is being printed on a screen, say a tablet, superimposed over a video feed of a real-life 3D printer as it prints the object. Think of it as an uber progress bar for your 3D printer. (Wired, Thingiverse, VentureBeat)

4) Reddit is introducing a new feature for its premium subscribers that allows them to combine multiple subreddits into one tab, or multireddit. As VentureBeat’s Tom Cheredar reports, this is the first big change to reddit’s front page, widely referred to as “the front page of the Internet,” in years. The functionality had existed before, as Cheredar notes, but was not as streamlined as the new feature, which is also shareable. (VentureBeat)

5) As news swirls around the rumor that Google will launch a music streaming service at this year’s I/O conference, Daft Punk’s new album, “Random Access Memories,” is streaming on iTunes. The posting of the full album comes shortly after a bootlegged copy was released online well in advance of the May 21st release. The album has had an extensive roll-out, featuring a video series of interviews with collaborators who joined the robotic-helmeted French duo in creating the work. If you’re listening, let us know what you think in the comments. (Mashable)

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