A screengrab from the Vine created by iVillage of Cmdr. Chris Hadfield refusing to eat his cereal (it’s a meme).

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is back on terra firma, and the way he chose to spend his days in space aboard the international space station have made him a celebrity — particularly his cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity,” which has been viewed well over 11 million times.

Hadfield’s popularity led The Post’s Ed O’Keefe to question why the United States hadn’t produced a similar media superstar in space. The short answer: Lawmakers would be questioning the use of taxpayer money on the space program faster than you can say “ground control to Major Tom.”

Well, it appears that Hadfield isn’t immune to criticism from his fellow Canadians along the same vein. Toronto Sun Columnist Simon Kent was less than thrilled with Hadfield’s performances aboard the space station, outlining his displeasure in a column posted Tuesday.

Lushly mustachioed Chris Hadfield comes across as a space oddity, an immensely likable person with a keenly developed sense of what works on social media.

Good for him. Hadfield clearly enjoyed his 15 minutes of fame (and then some) but his legacy is debatable. … I wonder if NASA, and by extension the financially-embattled Canadian Space Agency, can rely on entertainment to carry it boldly into the future.


But that’s one drop relative to an ocean of praise elsewhere online, with NPR’s Maria Godoy writing that the space station is now, with Hadfield’s landing, missing its “Space Chef in Chief.” And in what is perhaps the highest praise the Internet can offer, Hadfield has joined actor Ryan Gosling in the “won’t eat his cereal” Vine meme, thanks to iVillage. Whether you like it or not, Hadfield’s “15 minutes” are likely to last at least a little bit longer.

And the original meme created by Ryan McHenry: