Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield is recovering from his days as commander of the international space station. He fielded questions about his time in space, his social media popularity, the making of his cover of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” and his recovery process back here on Earth.

A screenshot of Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield fielding questions about his time in space. (YouTube)

Hadfield responds to questions in both English and French, describing how his arteries have hardened, spells of dizziness and the pain in his back and neck as a result of being called on to hold his body and head upright after months of not having to do so.

“To have had the opportunity for five months of my life to flip things weightless in front of myself and experience the joy of that is a thing I will do my best to express to people — to explain — and describe for the rest of my life.”

(via io9)