Here’s what we’re reading/watching today:

1) NASA has released a photo of astronauts Cady Coleman and Ricky Arnold stepping into the Orion crew module, which is slated to be used on future asteroid and Mars missions. The photograph, according to NASA, was taken “during a series of spacesuit check tests” on June 13 at the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

NASA astronauts Cady Coleman and Ricky Arnold step into the Orion crew module hatch. (NASA)

(via Gizmodo)

2) That was a look forward at the nation’s space program. A new exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor complex in Florida will offer a look back at the space shuttle Atlantis, which flew the last planned shuttle mission. The $100 million exhibit, “Space Shuttle Atlantis“, is scheduled to open Saturday. Here’s a preview of the experience via

3) AT&T is adding two more innovation centers, reports GigaOm’s Stacey Higginbotham. The company already has three. The new additions will be established in Plano, Tx. and Atlanta, near Georgia Tech. The center in Texas will be a floor above one of the company’s Foundry locations and focus on “machine-to-machine and connected device technology,” as AT&T outlined in a release. The center in Atlanta will be focused on connected consumer products, such as AT&T’s “Digital Life” product, the “connected” car and, as AT&T puts it in the press release, “all things wireless.”

4) It was probably inevitable given the popularity of both the Marvel characters and the young adult novel medium. Marvel entertainment has released two books via Hyperion (both are owned by Disney) — “The She-Hulk Diaries” and “Rogue Touch.” The first centers around Bruce “The Hulk” Banner’s cousin Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters, while the other focuses on a teenage Rogue of the X-Men. Wired’s review, undertaken by two reviewers, doesn’t pan the books.

5) And, because it was pretty much inevitable, here’s President Obama “singing” Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, thanks to the folks at Baracksdubs: