Here’s the roundup of what we’re reading/watching today:

1) If you’re looking for the best protest signs from the “Restore the Fourth” rallies, BuzzFeed has you covered. If you attended a rally, let us know in the comments what you thought of it.

Daniel Bryant, center, joins a small group at Klyde Warren Park to protest the National Security Agency's surveillance program Thursday, July 4, 2013 during a "Restore the Fourth" rally in Dallas. (AP Photo/The Dallas Morning News, Rex C. Curry)
Daniel Bryant, center, joins a small group at Klyde Warren Park to protest the National Security Agency’s surveillance program during a “Restore the Fourth” rally in Dallas on Thursday. (Rex C. Curry/AP photo from the Dallas Morning News)

2) Speaking of surveillance, this may very well be the first fight and arrest caught via Google Glass. The video itself is no great cinematographic achievement. But it’s an example of the omnipresence of cameras and the privacy questions that raises. We see what the user, in this case PRServe founder Chris Barrett, sees, writes Venture Beat’s John Koetsier.

“That’s nothing we haven’t seen before caught on ‘tape’ by a videocamera or a mobile phone camera, but the fact that Google Glass is a wearable device that, especially at night and in a crowd might just look like a pair of fashion eyeglasses, means that video capture — surveillance if you will — is easier than ever.”

3) If you’re waiting for the cutting edge in futuristic technologies, George Dvorsky over on io9 has a list of 10 that we can expect to see by 2030. The list includes artificially intelligent personal assistants and an interplanetary Internet.

4) Who knew the hot dog was a hotbed of innovation? Over at the Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal chronicles the patents filed since the last time we celebrated the Fourth of July.

5) And if doing parcour yourself is out of the question, but you want to enjoy the point-of-view, here’s a video from James Kingston of Ampisound, according to the description posted on YouTube. Yes, this reminds us of Mirror’s Edge too.