File this under “very cool thing you’ll probably never be able to own.” In Belgium, Lexus has made one iS300h that draws a portrait of the driver. Lexus doesn’t sell the iS300h in the United States, and says there are no plans to expand the project from the one vehicle.

So that’s a damper. But it is an interesting one-off experiment in merging art and driving styles. The artist behind it describes it this way on his Web site:

Each time the driver would start a trip, a new artwork would be created, using real time data from the car sensors. The final  artwork would be an interpretation of my very own hand brushwork with one of my generative aesthetics, affected by the driving style and duration of the travel.
It was clear to me that the generated artworks should be portraits of the driver. And the unifying theme would be the construction of the human identity.

Learn more in this video: