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1. (39 likes) Pasty old white guys who want Government out of their business, out of their wallet, out of their e-mail and phone calls, but deeply entrenched in the uterus of every single female in the country?

Personal liberty anyone? — steve-2304 on Federal judge blocks key parts of Tex. antiabortion law Monday by Juliet Eilperin

2. (36 likes) The Republican Party HAS TO use a strategy of fighting against things because if they promoted what they were FOR, they’d receive maybe 10 votes. — rmiller19 on Wearing out his welcome, already? by Jennifer Rubin

Tie —  3. (34 likes) Sad to say, but the reasonable Republicans of the Party of Lincoln have long been gone. There aren’t any real pragmatic conservatives like Teddy Roosevelt left. The declining GOP has embraced every lunatic, right-wing, nationalist, libertarian and even anarchists in its push to return to power. The result is a party strapped with unreasoning [ideologues] who cannot comprehend that government requires compromise. That is the problem!

The Debt is not going to kill the nation anytime soon. The US government owes 1 x GDP. Anyone who buys a home owes 3-4 x their personal GDP with a note running for 30 years. Individuals spend 0.5 – 1 x their personal GDP on a new car with payments up to 7 yrs.

The debt, largely amassed since Ronald Reagan was elected, is the result of CONGRESS appropriating more than it collects in revenue. The only way to get rid of the debt is to collect more revenue than you appropriate. Government has largely in creased in size due to anti-terrorism spending on DHS and the DOD. So, logically, DHS and DOD need their budgets cut significantly if the budget is to be reigned in. That will require Democrat control of the government. It can’t happen overnight…it will take 5 years to draw down the military without harming both the economy and defense preparedness.

Yes, government needs to shrink, including DOD and DHS. Austerity measures are not the answer. Just look at what such moves have done in Europe–their economies a lagging way behind the US. If the economy is going to rebound it will require stable government and confidence. That means eliminating self-inflicted economic crises like the GOP has inflicted on the nation during the past 4 years. The only way that happens is if the Republicans ostracize the Tea Party extremists and return to a system of regular order and compromise with Democrats. –old_sarge on First admit the problem by E.J. Dionne Jr.

Tie — 3. (34 likes) I’m a scientist. I respect people having differences on *policy*. For example, in the case of global warming, one could argue that there is little that we can do, and perhaps it is better to adapt to the situation rather than trying to prevent it. *That* us an honest policy debate.

I have absolutely NO RESPECT for anyone who attacks the messenger, instead of manning-up and taking a hard policy stance. For example, suing a climate scientist because you do not like the results of his study is cowardly.

That was the first (of many) decisions by Attorney General Cuccinelli that made it impossible for me to vote for him for any public office. —steve1231 on McAuliffe opens up double-digit lead over Cuccinelli in Virginia governor’s race by Laura Vozzella and Peyton M. Craighill

5. (31 likes)  “McAuliffe has painted Cuccinelli as a radical conservative”

Really, McAuliffe didn’t need to paint Cuccinelli as a radical conservative, I already came to that conclusion on my own from living through Cuccinelli’s term as attorney-general. Commercials made absolutely no difference to me. I just fast forward through them since I don’t appreciate the ugliness. This is an election in which I am voting purely against the candidate’s record. –Mariterri1 on Why Terry McAuliffe is beating Ken Cuccinelli, in 5 charts

6. (21 likes) The GOP doesn’t know how to govern.

Their main mission is to get in government, gum up the works and then blame government for not working correctly…

Their constituents fall for it every time..  –JustHere on The Morning Plum: Maybe GOP should try governing again by Greg Sargent

Tie — 7. (19 likes) It wasn’t that long ago when women in the US were chattel … We’ve come a long way baby.

If women want equal rights, they have to fight for them – some will be injured, some will be killed, but the rights will come if the desire and persistence is strong enough.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy … I am so proud of the women in the middle east who are putting their lives on the line for equal rights – it will not be a battle won over night and it will not be a battle won easily.

Malala Yousafzai is my hero – she is truly the 21st Century Joan of Arc for Women. Never has a child shown so much wisdom and courage beyond her years. –aj49 on 7 ridiculous restrictions on women’s rights around the world by Caitlin Dewey

Tie — 7. (19 likes) BTW The attempt to curb these excessive billing practices and unnecessary procedures under ACA are what the Sarah Palin and her ilk scream about as ‘murder boards’. As in, ‘hey bro, don’t murder our profit making schemes’. –HeavyD1 on Spinal fusions serve as case study for debate over when certain surgeries are necessary by Peter Whoriskey and Dan Keating

Tie — 9. (18 likes) I am getting ill, mainly because I am having huge trouble with my oldest right now (who threatened to bring a knife to school and cut off her teachers head) and my mother, who apparently has been saying nothing but nasty stuff behind my back about my parenting which has reopened so many open wounds right now, I can barely type.

So i will say what I said below, and will not say anymore, and you can keep crucifying LW for her stupid Jane Austen reference:

I would have LOVED to have had my mother stop and ask herself – I don’t think I am doing it right here? Maybe I should think about this. ONE TIME. JUST ONE TIME. ASK FOR HELP. —LadyLazarus from Helping a younger daughter get past a high-achieving sister’s shadow (Carolyn Hax)

Tie — 9. (18 likes) How about “the Christian right”. They’re not very Christian and they are seldom right. —whocares666 on 12 words you should stop using right now by Alexandra Petri

11. (14 likes) His ignorance of all of these major issues makes you wonder if he had any executive experience before he became president. –-Domer81 from What did President Obama know and when did he know it? by Dana Milbank

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