As most of us expected, a comment from Wednesday’s story on the NSA infiltrating Yahoo and Google data centers rose to the top. But it tied with a comment from Carolyn Hax’s latest column for first place. The 47 likes is significantly less than the number of likes for Wednesday’s No. 1 comment. We almost had our first repeat appearance from a commenter in Domer81, who was just squeezed out of the top five.

I think, by this point, “we the people” are willing to give Mr Snowden a presidential pardon.

Well, as some people have guessed, the LW will provide a response. I am the LW. I am learning much from all responses and processing the input.

I come from a very poor, food-insecure, large family. We all took jobs at early ages to buy food, clothes, and later pay our own ways through school. We had no new clothing, nor did we have any of the things that the Joneses had.

I currently work in a field that requires empathy and respect for all of my clients…whether rich,poor, homeless, substance-using, illegal, or other marginalized members of society. I strive for common ground, empathy, and respect in caring for them. I don’t have problem finding some common ground with every person I meet.

I was raised to offer respect to others, and to expect same in return.

I regret using the word education. To me, whether education is through life experience or books, the result is a broadened perspective and worldview. It provides the window through which one can see things through another’s eyes.

I have learned that my introversion, and silence (though intended to prevent disrespect) may come across as snooty or classist. I am currently trying to process how to respond. Saying that we’ll have to agree to disagree, or that I respect a view but am not in alignment with it has not worked except to provoke a pack mentality.

I love and speak with a few members of the in-law family. There is just a core group that behave in this way. I appreciate all of your comments…I can learn from all. LW

“more limited, focused state government”

Focused on what’s going on in your bedroom, your uterus and your doctor’s office you mean.

I’m sure that Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kaiser Permanente will be pleased to know that Obama considers them to be bad apples.

(An Obama Car Exchange coming sooner than you think to a location near you…)

I want a Chevy please.

You can’t have a Chevy. You have to buy this Cadillac.

But I don’t want a Cadillac and I can’t afford a Cadillac! I just want another Chevy.

Shut up and take the Cadillac! You should be thankful I’m selling you the car you really should have.

But I cannot afford it!

Then wait a second…Hey you! Yeah you. Come over here! See this guy? He can’t afford his new Cadillac, so you’re gonna help him with his payments, see?

But I can’t afford that! Why doesn’t he just buy a Chevy?

Oh, a wise guy, eh? I’ve had it with the two of you! You’re taking the Cadillac and you are helping him pay for it! Now both of you get out of here. I have other customers to help.

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