We received the widest range of topics for top comments yet. Sports makes its debut with a comment on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Advice remains popular with comments from articles by Carolyn Hax and Amy Dickinson.

Florida Governor Jeb Bush (R):”Way too many people believe Republicans are anti-immigrant, anti-woman, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-worker, and the list goes on and on and on.

and the the principle-over-pragmatism path, the absolutism-in-defense-of-core-beliefs-is-no-vice crowd is making sure they add the working poor, veterans, hungry seniors & children are added to the list.

144 House republicans voted to keep the government shut down and take the country into default. The GOP senators just signed a note that they regretted, sincerely, their vote to open the government and avoid default.

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say” —— Ralph Waldo Emerson

As the Post has corrupted the earlier posts on this story, I will cut/paste my earlier comment again.

This is not about whether Cho’s mental state should have been forewarned, nor is it about what happened beginning at 9:45 that day. The decision centers only on acts by the University PRIOR to any reports of a mass shooting at Norris Hall.

The decision centers on whether or not the State had a duty to inform plaintiffs Peterson and Pryde, who were not the original two victims in the dorm, but subsequent victims in Norris Hall. The decision states that the State did not have such duty to inform P & P as “third party” subjects who (the decision concluded) could not be forseen as “imminently probable of harm” from the earlier actions, which the University deemed local and confined to the Dorm due to circumstances of the crime and the direction of investigation at that time. Put another way, the University believed that the Dorm shootings were a domestic, targeted event, and that the shooter, even though still unidentified and at-large, had probably fled. Recall, they were in process of tracking, and stopping, a boyfriend of one of the Dorm victims, said boyfriend was on-route from Radford and was the first person of interest, but who ultimately was cleared, such that the U had reasonable expectation that they were following a prudent course of action BASED ON THE FACTS AT THE TIME. (My emphasis) . Consequently, there was no expectation of where, or if, that same person would suqsequently emerge later to perpetrate a mass shooting. This last sentence is the crux of the decision.

Seems like whenever a columnist presents some uncomfortable truths about RGIII, the loyal-beyond-all fans go nuts. Understanding that the defense is as much to blame for a lousy record as anything else, what about this column isn’t true?

I loved that first letter. Congratulations! You got it published. Very funny.

For me, this gets back to the issue of labels vs. behavior, what I call the noun-verb stuff. “He’s an alcoholic” isn’t a legitimate objection. “He’s still drinking, and he does a lot of harm to people who get close to him” is.

I suspect “veto” is a factor of the online discussion format. It’s a completely incongruous word. If LW truly has veto power over her BF’s friends, they have a lot more problems than an advice columnist could solve.

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