Our most-liked comments remain heavy on politics and Obamacare. Tuesday’s edition is rare in that a comment from Carolyn Hax’s latest column didn’t crack the top five.

First, we need to stop coddling the wealthy. The idea that low tax rates for the wealthy, including extra low rates for sources of income such as capital gains, should be [defended] to the last dollar — as advocated by many friends of the wealthy — is politically expedient and intellectually lazy.

And they (the GOP) still do not have any plan to get the 41 million people who are uninsured covered. All they can do is snipe. It’s time for them to publicly admit that they have no plan, they never did have a plan, and they have no interest in EVER covering those people. They are perfectly fine with the previous train wreck of a system.

Just read Thiessen’s screed about Obama as the lying president. What was priceless is the claim near the beginning of the piece that the Bush administration had a “strict fact-checking process, where every iteration of every proposed presidential utterance was scrubbed to ensure it was both accurate and defensible.”

Damn near fell out of my chair laughing.

Gov. Christie is plain and simple a bully. He loves bullying people without the power he has. Before you decide he is the next US President, perhaps you might want to read the other article in today’s WP about him. Not nearly as complimentary. Not sure I want a temper tantrum throwing bully with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Obamacare will work just fine. As any other major program serving Americans, such as SS, Medicare, etc, it will require some fine tuning during implementation.

Simple as that…..