Election Day meant our commenters went heavy on politics. Our most-liked comment from Ferguson Foont received 101 likes, which makes it the most-liked comment of the week so far. A comment from Carolyn Hax’s latest advice column returns to the fold. 

I love watching the Republican poll watchers squirm when my adult Down Syndrome daughter, with minor assistance from me, goes up to the front desk to get her ballot. She has her voter ID card and state-issued photo ID in hand, and they look so deer-in-the-headlights puzzled trying to figure out some way to challenge her right to vote.

And yet she has a bigger stake in this election than most of the rest of us do, given the candidate’s divergent views on Medicaid on which she depends for her life.

I guarantee you that she votes more in accordance with the interests of the people of Virginia than they do.

Satirizing FOX News is difficult. It’s like trying to satirize a Punch and Judy show or the Three Stooges. They have already taken self-parody to the extreme and you can’t really go much farther.

I will say that my usually-lovely mom made up her own wedding details when she didn’t like mine – I said “basic suits for the groomsmen, nothing they need to rent, and the bridesmaids can wear what they want in a jewel tone although I’d like to try for four different colors.”  [Read the full comment here]

I will cheerfully pay higher Social Security taxes if it gives my mother-in-law enough money to live independently — i.e., not with us!

I felt bad for NY on 9-11, they didn’t bring it on themselves. This, however, I do nothing but sit back and laugh.

4 or 5 years from now, when things are far worse, they will begin a new chant “It’s Bloomberg’s fault!”

But I will laugh only with other conservatives as people, like on this post, will still bow and scrape at the liberal alter, and blame others for their problems.