Thursday’s edition remains heavy on politics shortly after Election Day. The most-liked comment received significantly less likes than Wednesday’s. And commenters from Carolyn Hax’s articles continue to be represented.

I noticed that when Bush lied about yellowcake uranium, aluminum tubes, and mushroom clouds, that we ended up with nearly 4,500 military dead, over $1 trillion borrowed, and the loss of the good will from the whole world gained after 9/11.

But some how you Republicans think people getting a better plan than the crappy one they had is so much worse.

Got it…..

Right wingers have no empathy. This is a group of people who claim to be christian. Yet they don’t want a single dime of their hard earned money going to someone less fortunate. Unless, of course, they have the chance to judge their lifestyle and can decide if they truly deserve help. If they don’t live right, then they can cut them off. This is why they want charity kept in churches. So that they may judge those who are worthy of help.

The race was close because most voters stayed home. Cuccinelli has a base of Obamacare hating birthers who would go out to vote no matter what. If a majority of Virginians had voted, Cuccinelli would have lost in a landslide. The fact that Cuccinelli’s fringe supporters couldn’t even win when over 60% of the voters stayed home, shows just how marginal his support is.

The more I think about this letter, the angrier I am at the dead woman.  …

Why do you, as you’re dying, leave an instruction that you know will cause discord among your children who have already been on the outs for decades? [Read the full comment here]

The country needs more of this visual to become the norm.