Ken Cuccinelli remains a hot conversation topic three days after his loss in the Virginia governor’s race. And I’m learning it’s rare to go a day without at least one touching comment on a Carolyn Hax column:

There’s nothing funnier than Republicans whining about being outspent. Surely the same people who insist that money is speech, corporations are people and any attempt to trim the outsize role of large donors in our elections couldn’t possibly be complaining about money in politics, could they?

Let’s put this in language a Republican can understand: “People” (corporations and billionaires) didn’t offer their “speech” (money) in favor of Cuccinelli, because they “exercised their First Amendment rights” by not supporting a raging loon who would have turned the state into a backwards laughingstock.

Rachel has taken Rand Paul apart brick by brick.

Watch her do the same to Ted Cruz and Chris Christie. Their turn is coming.

Politicians ignore or fight her at their own peril. [Read the full comment here.]

I went radio silent on my three oldest, closest friends in the world a few years ago. Not going into details, but suffice it to say, it was 100% my fault, I was 100% lame, and it kept going because I was ashamed of my behavior. …

Then terminal cancer happened, and we got together yesterday (well, two of them, one lives far away, but we got a an appropriate sub who I also have known for over 25 years).

When I tried to apologize for being a lousy friend, they would have NONE of it. It was a fantastic day. [Read the full comment here.]

Insurance companies have been arbitrarily canceling policies since the first policy was sold. Obamacare has nothing to do with it. This is just the latest insurance industry scare tactic to discredit ACA. It won’t be the last.

Along with Being Gay, Other Actions Punishable by Death in the Old Testament:

Cursing your parents. Exodus.  Being a rebellious son. [Deut].  Being a drunkard. [Deut].

Not penning up a dangerous bull that kills someone. Exodus