Politics remained the dominant thread in our comments this weekend, including talk of Obamacare and Ted Cruz. And the run continues for a Carolyn Hax comment making our top five.

I liked Krauthammer’s assessment of the problem with Obamacare.

He likened U.S. healthcare to a large and complex “ecosystem.” He indicated that Obamacare significantly disrupts the ecosystem and that by trying to fix the problem Obama only makes matters worse.

Kind of reminds of of a kid who takes a watch apart and then finds he can’t put it back together again.  [Read the full comment here.]

“I think we need more leaders in Washington with the courage to stand for principle.” — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), the main lawmaker behind the government shutdown strategy

The ‘principle’ of costing American taxpayers $24 million dollars in a failed effort to ruin our economy and make a mockery of our government.

Go back to Canada, Cruz. America doesn’t want you.

The state Board of Elections ruled Friday that those who wanted to argue for their provisional vote to be counted have to appear in person before the local Electoral Board.

Why is it so hard for Republicans to respect the democratic process?

I lived for a long time on an extremely stretched food budget. I know that it’s easy to just cave in and buy crap food because it’s cheap (and sometimes real grocery stores are hard to find in Oakland where I lived). But if you decide that eating healthy is actually important to you, you can definitely make it happen. Lots of rice, beans, bananas, tuna and on-sale chicken. When you’re poor the deck is stacked against you, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have any agency in the situation. Oh….and family planning is your FRIEND!!!

The last time I saw my ex outside a courtroom he was chasing me to my car with a gun in his hand. Leaving an abuser is hard, they escalate when you do that because they are losing control over you. [Read the full comment here.]