FergusonFoont claims the top comment on our list for the second time. Since the launch of this feature he is the first commenter to do that. International news breaks into the comments with Typhoon Haiyan. A sports comment on a John Feinstein column just missed the top five.

This is looking more and more like a Democratic sweep. If, as the story says, the chief source of ballots yet to be counted consist of provisional ballots in the Democratic strongholds of Fairfax County and Richmond (and provisional ballots tend to go Democratic anyway wherever they’re from), and only a 17-vote margin to overcome), it’s looking good for Mark Herring.

The importance of a Herring victory here is difficult to overstate. If Obenshain wins he will actively and enthusiastically enforce the draconian measures Republicans enacted in the last session against women’s clinics and will strongly defend the law in any court challenge. [Read the full comment here.]

Unfortunately “Okay, I need breathers, too — I’m thinking half-days every Sunday and on Thursday evenings” may open his eyes to how much work being alone with a baby and a toddler is and may force him to actually change a diaper, but it doesn’t fix “We have zero dollars in the bank, so he would be charging it to our credit card and thus making our precarious financial position even more so.”

I think looking into getting back into the income-earning world is a good move for LW even if she’s not planning to leave Husband soon. One breadwinner, nothing in the bank, and a partner who’s irresponsible about money is a bad position to be in, even if Husband ultimately gives up the idea of the vacation.

Main lesson from the ACA: Democrats lie. Hard and often.

All the other lessons are secondary.

They should be sorry that over the course of a year, they failed to check this guy out. And then last week, even after the rest of the world questioned his Walter Mitty tale of entering the villa alone to disable a terrorist, while also sneaking into the Ansar al Sharia-guarded hospital to be the guy who verified it was the Ambassador whose body lay there, they made no effort to check the news division’s sources at the FBI to verify that his account with them matched what he told CBS.

As best I can tell, she simply chose to believe him without checking him out at all, other than to verify that he really did work for Blue Mountain and really was stationed in Benghazi. How could you not check out a story as fantastical as that?  [Read the full comment here.]

No partisanship needed here. Just help however you can.