Politics remains dominant Wednesday in our most-liked comments with the exception of Carolyn Hax’s advice column.

From Tina Turner formally ‘relinquishes’ U.S. citizenship by Al Kamen; mikegolf (40 likes)

For 20+ years, Ms. Turner has been paying her taxes to our country while living in Switzerland. So, let her be a citizen of Switzerland without criticism. I save my criticism for Mitt Romney who not just resides in the USA & wanted to be on our payroll but puts as much money off-shore to avoid taxes.

From Supreme Court lets Oklahoma court ruling blocking ultrasound requirement by Juliet Eilperin; DaveHarris0413 (34 likes)

Only a Republican could think that forcing people to undergo an unnecessary medical procedure for the sole purpose of religious/governmental indoctrination is not a violation of their rights. At least for the Supremes, it was a no brainer.

From 10 reasons for the White House to panic by Jennifer Rubin; bertram2 (32 likes) 

I have never seen such behavior. In the MIDDLE of negotiations with Iran, the American right is lashing at their president. They don’t even wait to see what they are arguing with before beginning their tirade. This is, simply, unacceptable behavior.

From time for a mother-to-be to draw scheduling boundaries with her parents by Carolyn Hax; margaretlemberg (28 likes)

Besides what Carolyn Hax says, it seems to me that LW is enabling her parents to avoid dealing with their other problems. They have no friends and don’t get along with each other. Wow. She isn’t helping when she allows them to protect themselves by constantly hanging out with her.

From Troubled HealthCare.gov unlikely to work fully by end of November by Amy Goldstein, Juliet Eilperin and Lena H. Sun; Jeff1962 (16 likes)

At least the Titanic made it out of port before it sank…

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