As Obamacare remains in the spotlight, a frustration with President Obama appears in the top five and just outside it. The commenters on Carolyn Hax’s columns keep alive their streak of making our list.

The angry old white guys will all be dead in 30 years and so will the GOP.

We need to speed up the process though for the good of America.

Electing Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren in 2016 should help. Their blood pressure will go ballistic.

The irony is that Fox News is actually harming the American conservative movement, by creating a bubble that insulates them from reality and the need to understand differing views. Maybe Roger Ailes is secretly a liberal whose goal is to destroy conservatism?

This is the bedrock problem for Obamacare. Numerous surveys taken during the time the ACA was being debated demonstrated that over 85% of Americans were satisfied with their health care and coverage. Now saying that is no longer the case is an understatement.

And..And this is the big one, The rest of Americans who have not received a cancellation letter or a stunning rate increase see no reason not to believe one or both isn’t coming…either by their employer dumping them onto the exchanges or being forced into much more expensive plans.

They no longer believe a word Obama says about it. And figure they’re next.

What we really want is to tell her to Run Now! Fast!! But she is an adult and really needs to do this on her own and not because her parents say so.

Speaking as someone who recently left a bad relationship, I spent quite a long time gearing up emotionally before I finally walked out the door. …

When I showed up in tears on my mom’s doorstep with a suitcase in tow and my two cats yowling, she helped all three of us into the house, and then rubbed my back when I collapsed onto the bed in sobs. She didn’t say “I told you so.” She didn’t say anything for a long time. Then she said quietly “I’m proud of you.” [Read the full comment here.]

Obama Voter’s To Do List:

Free Housing? Check.

Free Food? Check

Free Education? Check

Free Phone? Check

Free Healthcare? Check

Job? Who the hell wrote on my list?!!!!