President Obama’s health-care law remains in the spotlight in Friday’s edition of  the top comments. Comments from advice columns also are well represented with appearances from Carolyn Hax and Miss Manners.

So thinking people unencumbered with partisanship should conclude:

1. The left wing have failed with their signature overhaul of healthcare, a work started in the 1930’s.

2. The right wing was right in practically all of their criticism’s of Obamacare.

3. Lying and deception in a democracy is bad politics and can’t be tolerated when a President does it. [Read the full comment here.]

I’ve been dealing with unemployment since 2007 off and on between contract work and jobs that fizzled. I finally hit the jackpot of a job offer and I start next week that I hope will last. My advice to LW: If you need the job take the damn job! Live in the same town as your soon-to-be-ex girlfriend. It’s tough to be picky these days.

As a former CEO with more than 20 years experience in the yearly agony of settling on a group health policy for our employees, I find this statement more than a little disturbing:

““What we are also discovering is insurance is complicated to buy.”

This is like enduring a very hard landing, one where all the overhead bins fly open and the luggage drops on everyone’s head, and the pilot comes on and says “Gosh, these landings are more complicated than I first thought.”  [Read the full comment here.]

Tied – 3. From Why liberals are panicked about Obamacare by Charles Krauthammer; JJHLH1 (19 likes)

Or as Pat Buchanan put it: “Two days ago panicked Democrats looked over the railing and saw Bill Clinton rowing away in a lifeboat.”

I wish they’d stop making airplane seats to recline. It’s always annoying to have someone back into your very limited “air space” on a plane.

My 6-foot tall friend says she just asks the person politely not to recline, and they generally comply. (It may help that she walks using crutches, so they may infer her legs are especially vulnerable.)