A comment from The Answer Sheet makes its debut among our top comments and grabs No. 1 spot. Obamacare remains a dominant topic.

1. From Arne Duncan: ‘White suburban moms’ upset that Common Core shows their kids aren’t ‘brilliant’ by Valerie Strauss; CrunchyMama (55 likes)

Arne Duncan can take his remark about White Suburban Moms and put it in the same dark corner from whence comes any of his other “expertise” and “wisdom.” Me, I took the red pill, and I advise any other parents – urban, suburban, rural, moms, dads, Black, White, biracial, other, wealthy, poor – to do likewise. [Read the full comment here.]

2. From D.C. insurance commissioner fired a day after questioning Obamacare fix by Aaron C. Davis; ZZimian (24 likes)

New Obama Administration Guidelines to Prevent Another Disaster:

1 – Shooting the messenger always makes things better.

2- There are no dissenting opinions, only enemies to be destroyed. [Read the full comment here.]

3. From Health-care law has changed game for Democrats looking to 2014 election by Ed O’Keefe and Paul Kane; mikecheck (23 likes)

Have they found the YouTube user behind Obamacare?

4. From Obamacare failures are not a cure for the GOP by Chris Cillizza; MDT1 (22 likes)

The GOP’s record is only one of saying no to the middle class, and still lining their pockets from the Koch Brothers and super wealthy, focusing on the self-interest of a small minority of well connected special interest groups. There is no modern day party of candidates from either side of the aisle that has a greater record of being irresponsible and incompetent than this modern day make up of this GOP. [Read the full comment here.]

5. From Older District residents feel ignored by businesses aimed at the young and hip by Tara Bahrampour; nativeson7 (20 likes)

I love the metamorphosis my home town is experiencing courtesy of Millennials and Boomers alike. However, a restaurant/bar with DJ’s and karaoke music until 2 a.m. in a building of 150 senior residences seems not only ill planned but almost malicious.

I can’t help but suspect the intent is to discourage future occupancy by seniors in an effort to secure an amendment to the zoning designation.