Tuesday’s edition is an embodiment of the expression “brevity is the soul of wit.” While our most-liked comments usually go on for a few paragraphs, four of today’s comments are only a sentence. The exception, by jalesq, grabs our top spot in a return appearance for a comment from a Carolyn Hax column.

1. From Husband’s online ties to a female employee define ’emotional affair’ by Carolyn Hax; jalesq (43 likes)

In short, you have been demoted. You can accept your demotion, or you can get your head (and finances) in order and try again for a better option than being The Marriage Police. He is telling you loud and clear that your feelings are not his priority. His are. And he likes how he feels doing this, no matter how crazy it makes you.

Do you still want to be married to someone like that? [Read the full comment here.]

2. From Cheney parents defend Liz Cheney in gay marriage feud with sister by Aaron Blake; Flippy_McFinger (30 likes) 

“If you really love me, you’ll let me trash you publicly for political capital.”

3. From George Zimmerman does it again by Jonathan Capehart; DELewes (24 likes)

Ticking bomb.

4. From False claims about a health-care memo persist even after testimony by Glenn Kessler; DaveB1971 (19 likes)

Since when do facts matter to the GOP or to Sean Hannity?

5. From Elizabeth Warren: Don’t cut Social Security. Expand It! by Greg Sargent; barandsaild (15 likes)

Wow, A Democrat, talking like a Democrat.

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