Wednesday’s edition ends a long streak of top comments featuring a direct reference to Obamacare, the president’s signature health-care law. George Zimmerman remains in the spotlight in our comments, and drug testing for members of Congress is considered.

Poor George Zimmerman; constantly threatened by women and children.

The Texas Guard is within its authority. Unless mobilized by the federal government, the Texas Guard is governed by Texas law.

However, the Department of Defense should be allowed to state that Guard units which do not conform to DoD policy (like, say, processing same-sex couple benefit applications and issuing IDs) will not receive federal monies for their equipment, consumables, or infrastructure. They will only receive federal money when those units are mobilized for federal duty.

Gentlemen’s agreements only work when dealing with gentlemen. Republicans have repeatedly shown they will subvert anything that lets government function.

Reverse the question. If Romney had won the election a year ago, who would win today? Obama by a landslide. Yes, Romney would have cancelled Romneycare, and he would have immediately implemented his two promised agendas. He would have lowered tax rates by 20%, causing austerity and much higher unemployment rates in the country. [Read the full comment here.]

5. From Rep. Trey Radel (R-Fla.) charged with cocaine possession by Aaron Blake, Keith L. Alexander and Ed O’Keefe; SeriousLee (22 likes)

Time to subject Congress to drug testing. If they require it of welfare recipients, I think they should require it of themselves. After all, the taxpayer is paying for their welfare as well.