If the concept of Lasik eye surgery makes you queasy, then you’ll want to stop reading right now. A New York television station has the story of a woman who had a heart-shaped piece of platinum embedded in her eye.

“Fifty percent of my friends are like what is it? Why do you need it, oh my god, are you crazy?” Lucy Luckayanko told WNYW.

The jewelry is not FDA approved, according to WNYW, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology doesn’t recommend having the procedure.

The man offering the procedure has drawn attention in the past for unusual Craiglist ads. From Slate:

Dr. [Emil] Chynn has an empty studio in his office building on Park Avenue, and he’ll let his personal assistant live there for free if she (has to be a she) is willing to walk on his back for an hour a day, troll match.com to find him a girlfriend, and stock his office fridge with all her leftover food. Plus, if he marries the woman she helps him find, his immigrant parents will pay the assistant $10,000 in cash.

If you’re looking to burn about $3,000, there are far better and safer uses out there.