Comments about Democrats killing the filibuster for most presidential nominations nearly sweeps the top five. A remark on cell phone usage on planes also makes the list.

A car horn can be very useful, but when it’s going off continuously you need to snip the wires.

The wires just got snipped.

Sustaining the special role of the minority in the Senate has always required that minority to use its power prudently, precisely because it could always be taken away. Tea Party zealots reject prudence (and civility, reason and several other virtues). They used their power to bully the majority until, finally, even the Senate Democrats couldn’t take it any more and had to make a stand. Too bad it came to this, but allowing majorities to prevail is hardly the death of democracy.

I take it all back.Reid finally got off his butt, much to my surprise. (or perhaps it was just that Republicans finally got too overconfident?)

Now, they made a breach in the wall, for God’s sake, press home the advantage without any delay.  [Read the full comment here.]

I think it should be like smoking. They should have to go outside the plane to use their phones.

5. From Reid goes nuclear by Jennifer Rubin; Joe Shepherd (20 likes) 

Enough was finally enough! Way to go, Harry! You called their bluff and they can’t believe it. I believe this will help Democrats, not hurt them, down the road. Let’s keep the GOP/Tea Potty mob in the minority in the Senate and block the insanity in the House. Huzzah!!!!