Politics sweeps the top five most-liked comments from the weekend. The Iran nuclear deal appears twice.

From Five things you need to know on Liz Cheney vs. Mike Enzi by Sean Sullivan; CharlieDrew (32 likes)

Please no more Cheneys!

From The Iran deal makes clear it pays to enrich by Jennifer Rubin; Universalremote (27 likes)

Poor Ms. Rubin.

She so much wanted to send somebody else’s children to war.

From Obamacare is Obama’s Obamacare not his Katrina by Ezra Klein; Mosco Alkalai (23 likes)

It’s clear that Obamacare is government malfeasance by knowing acts of arrogance, contempt and cynicism that border on sedition. It is a disaster for our form of government that’s at least an order of magnitude worse than mistakes with Katrina and Iraq. [Read the full comment here.]

From Congress members react to the Iran nuclear deal by Ed O’Keefe Blue Ridge Mama (20 likes)

Obama continues to accomplish great things despite the GOP. Thank you, Mr. President!

From Palin calls Bashir’s comments ‘evil,’ doubles down on slavery-debt comparison by Aaron Blake; eerock (13 likes)

So if debt is slavery does that make ALL the Presidents who ran it up slavemasters, including Reagan?

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