It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and still no turkey references in our top comments. But plenty of talk of Obamacare, Lara Logan and Dinesh D’Souza.

There is not a single year since Ronald Reagan coined the phrase and convinced the nation to extend handouts to the rich that trickle down trickled down.

Instead, he pioneered a “syphon upward” society that has seen the wealthiest’s income increase by more than 400 percent while 93 percent of the population’s income has actually declined — this, despite an 80 percent increase in worker productivity since 1981.

The GOP poverty agenda: “What are you still doing here?”

The speech she gave earlier is a giveaway. Her entire mission was to confirm her very vocal and strident beliefs about the administration’s culpability.

She then applied a thin veneer of “journalism” to justify her hit job.

While 1/2 the GOP endorsed cap & trade to 1/20/2009, none agreed with it after. While 1/2 the GOP endorsed sensible immigration reform before 1/20/2009, none agreed with it after. While 1/2 the GOP, inclusive of Dole, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Romney AND DeMint endorsed mandatory health insurance, none did after 1/20/2009.

And you think that the problem is Obama vilifying Republicans? [Read the full comment here.]

D’Souza is a tacky little man who punches below his weight. He aspires to be second rate. He’s Sarah Palin in chinos.