Our commenters took some time off during the holiday weekend, meaning fewer likes on comments than we typically see. Obamacare remains a hot topic, and Amazon’s drones break into the conversation.

1. From Democrats optimistic about HealthCare.gov fixes, Republicans skeptical by Sean Sullivan; Poppyistheman65 (25 likes)

The Republicans are skeptical. But more than that they really, really want the ACA to fail because an administration failure is more important to them than something good to happen for this country. What patriots they are.

2. From Feinstein, Rogers: We’re not safer from terrorism by Sean Sullivan; Robert Mesian (14 likes) 
Just like to a carpenter a hammer and nail are the solution to every problem, no intelligence committee chairman will ever stop seeing security threats. The more threats, the more money they get to spend the more power they have. No threats, no money, no power.

3. From Racism isn’t over. But policymakers from both parties like to pretend it is by Ezra Klein; quavaduff (10 likes)

Absolutely nothing gets the right wingers more riled up than any discussion of racism……they refuse to believe it exist even as they practice it….go figure.

Tie — 4. From Amazon envisions eventually delivering packages in 30 minutes via drones by Timothy B. Lee; handofjustice1 (9 likes)

Leaf blowers are bad enough. Now these little buggers up and down the street all day?

Tie — 4. From Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon calls special session for Boeing tax breaks by Reid Wilson; Olivia LaRosa (9 likes)

Shame on Boeing for pitting states against one another in this insane race to the bottom for jobs for Americans. For big corporations its all about who you can screw the hardest.