Obamacare remains in the middle of the discussion, and criticism of conservatives bubbles to the top of the comments.

“Liberty University, an evangelical college in Virginia” – which apparently believes that the “Christian” thing to do is to refuse to provide health insurance to your employees. Matthew 5:1, in the New Right Wing Version (NRWV), must read “Cursed are the poor in money: for they are moochers.”

Typical. A map designed at Long Island University has 7 of 24 dialects from NY to ME and includes a special zone for the tip of Long Island.

Why not just reprint the New Yorker’s View of America poster from the 80s and be done with it?

The only reason so many clowns on this site are so determined to see this die is because they are so fearful it will work.

Other examples of Republicans Being Wrong About Everything

1) Conservatives opposed the American Revolution

2) Conservatives opposed freeing the slaves

3) Conservatives opposed women’s suffrage  [Read the full comment here.]

I was born and raised Catholic. It is beyond disgusting that the bishops want to buy hospitals to promote religion. Owning a hospital is a choice not a requirement of our religion and if the bishops think they cannot allow real medicine to be practiced there, then they should not own the hospital.