Commenters on Greg Sargent’s blog, The Plum Line, continue to draw plenty of likes and grab two of our top five spots. Wednesday’s top comment didn’t run away with the No. 1 spot, receiving only 18 likes.

1. From The Insiders: Feinstein and Rogers say the U.S. is less safe. Why isn’t anyone listening? by Ed Rogers; peter2001 (18 likes)

How do they justify continuing these obviously illegal and over-reaching programs when no evidence exists that they have significantly prevented terrorist plots in this country? When their liberal and conservative colleagues, brought together by a common disgust for the violation of the fourth amendment of the U.S. Constitution for the better part of the last decade, are offering up legislation to repeal this secret interpretation of this countries laws.

By saying that the US is ‘less safe’ now, that’s how. [Read the full comment here.]

2. From Judge declares Detroit eligible for Chapter 9 bankruptcy by Reid Wilson; hunter340 (16 likes)

Decades of corrupt democrat leadership has left much of Detroit in virtual ruins and among the most dangerous places on the planet. An entire city, actually several cities destroyed and millions of lives doomed to poverty by Democrats in exchange for votes. “Progressive” policies have turned too much of America into a cesspool of poverty and crime. …
The likelihood America will become a giant Detroit has grown rapidly over the past 5 years. [Read the full comment there.]

3. From Obama’s uncle contradicts White House, says Obama stayed with him in 1980s by Aaron Blake; Sideswiped (15 likes)

Well somebody is lying here, and based on track records I seriously doubt it is Uncle Omar.

Tie. — 4. From The Morning Plum Dems try going on offense on Obamacare by Greg Sargent; bls2011 (14 likes)
One can only imagine if the polio vaccine had just been discovered and all of the USA had to mobilize the way it did in the early 60’s to get every citizen vaccinated. Nullifier states like Mississippi and North Carolina would simply refuse to have its citizens vaccinated because children spending their lives in iron lung machines are NOTHING compared to the federal government telling you what’s good for you. Right-wing bloggers would be in full throttle writing columns about how this was really a plot to get your name in order to take away your guns.

And the mainstream media — well unlike the journalists of the 1960’s – they would NOT be focusing on the larger truth.

Tie — 4. From Medicaid expansion becomes weapon against GOP governors by Greg Sargent; LeftCoast5 (14 likes)

Comcast is charging me for channels I will never watch. When will the Republicans do something about that?

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