The U.S.-Israel Science and Technology Foundation recently released an index measuring the science and technology collaboration between the United States and other leading countries.

A concentration of  biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland explains the country’s position atop the rankings, according to USISTF director Ann Liebschutz. The country has a history of grading well  in innovations rankings.

The report compared American ties by looking at 20 different indicators in four categories: government, private sector and industry, human capital and research and development.

“We have the best scientific research institutions. We create the biggest companies,” Liebschutz said of the United States. “We have to create more companies, more multi-national companies than any other country. That’s a trend that should continue. Part of an essential element of that is being in touch with the tech talent in world.”

The USISTF seeks to foster research and development cooperation between Israel and the United States. Find the full report here.