Christmas and holiday gifts leap into the top five. Obamacare — to no one’s surprise — remains a hot topic.

Christmas started the war by invading Thanksgiving.

Let’s see a show of hands of those who are stunned that a Bush family member lied.

I submit that if they really had comprehensive health care reform ideas that the whole Republican party could agree on and get behind, that at least one of those repeal votes would have been a vote to repeal the ACA and implement (Republican solution) in its place.

But there was no such vote. No bill. Ideas maybe, but no proposals. Nothing to vote on.  [Read the full comment here.]

Yes, having a plan beyond hoping your nation fails would be a welcome change of pace.

I am dead serious. After being exposed to popular culture influences for their entire lives, the current results for my children are the following: my six-year old son wants to be a paleontologist. My three-year old daughter wants to be a princess. When I asked her what kind… she said a pink one.