Bill O’Reilly finds a place in our top five for the second straight day. Every other most-liked comment relates to President Obama or Obamacare. 

Obamacare will never pass. The Supreme Court will find it unconstitutional.

It will be repealed. It will be repealed if we shut down the government.

The Web site sucks, Obamacare is finished.  People are being forced to buy better insurance, it will fail.  Millenials will never sign up.

See a pattern here?

O’Reilly can’t evolve. Conservatives don’t acknowledge evolution.

President Obama didn’t say that the situation wasn’t in dispute. He said there was no solid evidence that increasing the minimum wage increases unemployment. The keyword in his remark was “solid”. So I think you’ve awarded 1.99999 too many pinocchios.

Tie — 2. From Why Barack Obama can’t win by Aaron Blake and Sean Sullivan; jayh63 (17 likes)

When a president looks the American people right in the eyes and lies to their face, the trust is broken and it is almost impossible to restore it. You expect Republicans to disapprove, but Obama’s health care lie(s) has turned many independents and Democrats against him.

Mr. Obama’s foreign policies get a much higher score than Mr. Bush or even Ronald Reagan for example, so what’s the fuss about Obama’s foreign policies? The guy killed Bin Laden, avoided a foolish war in Syria and he is in process of wining Iran as a good friend after 34 years of stupid name calling…

Persuasion is the essence of statecraft and it’s the foundation of a good foreign policy. Obama seems to have learned quite a lot in the past five years and it’s paying off. [Read the full comment here.]