Nelson Mandela remained a popular topic over the weekend. A comment from Capital Weather Gang broke into our top five with a winter storm hitting the Washington area.

1. From Fox News stonewalls the New York Times by Erik Wemple; rwjackson (27 likes)

The real question with regards to this Rupert Murdoch owned “news” operation is whether Brian Lewis is being bribed to cover up illegal activities. Think Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson.

2. From Eric Cantor on how Republicans can win again by Chris Cillizza; Bill Carson (23 likes)

The Republican Party in Virginia is continuing its spectacular collapse specifically due to its unclouded ability to explain to Virginians precisely who Republicans really are.

And when Virginians see who Republicans are… they vote against them.

It’s not a “message problem” — their message *is* their problem.

3. From Winter storm warning most of area; freezing rain and rain overnight – with thunder! (LIVE UPDATES) by Ian Livingston and Dan Stillman; Capslock (19 likes)  

Okay…it’s now 6:45 and the Caps game is about to start. As a teacher in Montgomery County, what I want to know is…

Is it safe to crack open another bottle of wine?

Tie — 4. From Prove me wrong: Black voters are out of reach for GOP by Chris Cillizza; nateminor (15 likes) 

Yes you will always have your Tim Scott’s and Clarence Thomas of the world, but we had them in slavery here in the USA and as apartheid gripped South Africa as well.

How can African Americans embrace the GOP that have not put forth a jobs bill, discriminate in hiring, end unemployment benefits, and wants to cut food stamps and repeal ACA.

 Tie – 4. From Why Nelson Mandela was on a terrorism watch list in 2008 by Caitlin Dewey; SeriousLee (15 likes) 

There was a time when America feared communism more than it loved democracy and freedom. It led the U.S. to overthrow or undermine democratically elected governments in both Latin American and Africa.

Are we today falling in the same trap? Do we fear terrorism more than we love democracy and freedom?

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