Obamacare continues to hold the spotlight in our comments. For the second straight day a Capital Weather Gang comment cracks the top five.

1. From Members of Congress shocked to discover health care system sucks by Ryan Cooper; ThinkThink2 (32 likes)

Providing sick, poor people with healthcare for the first time in their lives is just one more way the left is waging war on Christmas. If the right will not act Christ-like, it is nothing but an affront to their religious traditions that the left will.

2. From Debt collecting machine by Michael Sallah, Debbie Cenziper; Otherwise (30 likes)

Let this be an illustration for the enlightenment of all the half-baked, double-digit IQ types who think the main threat to the individual is from the government. The main threat to little guys has always been big guys, and, for the most part, they operate in the private sector. “Libertarians” would give them carte-blanche.

3. From You are where you shop: What your grocery store says about you by Reid Wilson; carter0311 (25 likes)

There was time that people could just shop without it having any ties to political leanings.

It’s reporting like this that keeps the country divided.

4. From Fox News, advocate for the uninsured by Erik Wemple; chowlett1 (15 likes)

Fox News’s sudden concern for people being dropped by their insurance companies — something which had been happening for decades – reminds me of the Tea Party being suddenly concerned about the deficit. The sudden “concern” comes way after the fact, and actually seems more like concern that a president they hate might have some success in ameliorating the lives of the poorest in America.

5. From Snow likely Tuesday, could snarl morning rush hour traffic by Wes Junker and Jason Samenow; AuthorofSarcasm (12 likes) 

Hey Mid-Atlantic,

Miss me yet?


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