A sports comment makes a rare appearance in the top five as controversy hangs over the Washington Redskins.

1. From Budget follies by Jennifer Rubin; Stevejhx (32 likes)

Of course we can do away with unemployment benefits or food stamps — as long as Boeing gets to build its planes, and Electric Boat its submarines. Because the Pentagon is the model of government efficiency.

There. I said it.

2. From Eulogizing Mandela, Obama celebrates and scolds by Scott Wilson; Rose4 (26 likes)

Every time Republicans have President Obama on the ropes, he manages somehow to come out looking like a giant. The heavens smile on certain people–this President, the Clintons, Mandela, MLK, Gandhi. No matter the traps and tricks of their enemies, they overcome. The qualities they display over all others are perseverance, keen intelligent, compassion for others, and unrelenting optimism. [Read the full comment here.]

3. From Senate confirms Patricia Millett, Mel Watt using new majority rules by Ed O’Keefe and Paul Kane; Santiago51 (17 likes)

Actually, I wouldn’t mind if the old codgers in the Senate actually had to speak with no breaks in a filibuster until they fell down. But this thing of allowing them to require a supermajority by only raising a bony finger and saying “I object” is wrong and leads to abuse. It also makes it much easier for influence peddlers to “get” to only a few senators to block legislation.

Tie — 4. From Daniel Snyder won’t intervene in Redskins’ quarterback decision by Mark Maske; freakzilla (16 likes)

I’m no Snyder apologist, as he’s certainly done a lot over the years to hurt the club, but I do think you have to give credit where it’s due and acknowledge that he’s improved. And still has room for improvement, and probably will continue to improve. Age and experience tend to have that effect on people. Acknowledging this is hard for some haters to do, but that’s their problem. [Read the full comment here.]

Tie — 4. From Playing games with George Zimmerman by Jonathan Capehart; stonerwn (16 likes)

These people are aiding and abetting a serial user of violence. Eventually he will kill or seriously hurt someone else. The state of Florida, and those members of the state legislature who voted for Stand Firm, should be sued by the injured parties, or their survivors.

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