(Courtesy of Murugam Narayanasamy)

Murugam Narayanasamy wants to change the way you think about sunglasses. If they break, don’t buy a new pair. Buy a replacement part from him. And forget traditional black eyewear, his products have the dramatic colors of a poison dart frog.

His three-person company, Nuke Optics, is raising funds on indiegogo.com to begin shipping its customizable products.

The sunglasses consist of five parts: two lenses, two temple pieces and the frame. All can be interchanged without the use of any tools. A screwless hinge holds the eyewear together. He says his target demographic is ages 20-38.

Narayanasamy previously worked with a small sunglass company, but broke off on his own after the company was slow to update its product line. “I can live with failure. I can’t live with regrets,” he explained.

If he reaches his $15,000 goal, he will need 55 days to start shipping. He’s hoping for late January as he’s about 90 percent of the way to his goal. The majority of sales so far have come in Singapore, followed by the United States.