Nelson Mandela’s funeral remains in the discussion over a presidential selfie. Pope Francis breaks into the top five.

Why is an aide affecting our legislation? The American people don’t even have this much sway.

I’m sick of people like this and demagogues like Grover Norquist who work against the interests of everyday Americans. No more ALEC, no more bought off Congressmen. No more one-man wrecking crews for the side that doesn’t like government anyway.

Please go away.

I am shocked there is unemployment in Wisconsin. Didn’t everyone there land a job in Scott Walker’s public relations campaign? Or failing that, his legal defense team?

Tie — 3. From About that Obama selfie nonsense by Jonathan Capehart; keller1 (17 likes)

The same people whining now that Obama dissed Mandela’s memory with the selfie pic are the same ones who once thought he should’ve remained in prison.

Thankfully, the Pope was chosen over Miley Cyrus and Ted Cruz. It seems like a no-brainer, but this is America after all.

I’ll do my part and watch my military retired pay lose value over time. I also have supported incremental and gradual increases in my TRICARE health care program. But it really torques me that both Ds and Rs have no problem asking military retirees and federal workers to “sacrifice” but can’t find a way to end corporate welfare. You mean to tell me there were no loopholes to be closed that both could agree to? I am not asking for them to not touch me — we are all in this mess together — but it sure would be nice to have others do their part.