The end of the work week hasn’t brought an especially strong edition. A top-five comment didn’t break 20 likes for the first time this week. House Speaker John Boehner was a hot topic in the comments and appears in the top five.

Ideas matter. But if the answer for every question regarding the working person is, in words, “trying to look at the deep moral truths that enable our free-enterprise system to bestow its blessings” and, in practice blessing employers by gutting FLSA and giving more “flexibility” to eliminate overtime pay, I’m not sure that those “blessings” will have as positive an impact on the workers as perhaps Ms. Rubin suggests. Working people do not need a cold bath and a sermon. They need decent paying jobs, educational opportunities, and the chance to see that the free enterprise system will pay them back for their efforts.

Best Christmas gift ever, the implosion of what’s left of the tea party. Hatred and years of lying finally caught up with the tea party. Spending $500 million to hate is quite an awful achievement. Imagine if the Koch brothers and Heritage worked on eliminating poverty to strengthen our country. Time to give a leg up to folks instead of ridiculous hate and lies.

May be the wealthiest, but the Loudoun suburbs is one boring and soulless place to live. Glad I was able to move closer in to D.C.

Of all of the lightweight politicians in Washington, Marco Rubio strikes me as the lightest. He probably needs to wear weights in his shoes to keep from floating away. Not only does he have a propensity for saying remarkably dumb things but he also seems unable to keep ideas — even ideas that are ostensibly his own — straight in his head.   [Read the full comment here.]

India cannot ban homosexuality because it exists no matter what they say. That’s like banning gravity.