Tuesday’s top five comments are all succinct. Two comments from The Plum Line crack the list.

Walmart employees should not need to collect food stamps. Work on that, Ryan.

My suggestion for the marketing department of Fox News.

“Fair and Balanced” is getting a little old. How about “Fox News–when the truth *just isn’t good enough.*”

Francis knows what the far right is saying, but I doubt he cares. I take him at his word. He is trying to represent what he things Jesus would represent. Somehow Jesus seems more important to me than Rush Limbaugh.

Considering their responsibilities, teachers are grossly underpaid. More importantly, they are under-appreciated.

Obamacare is the all purpose excuse for anything healthcare related: higher premiums, network changes, doctors retiring, ambulances running over pedestrians, whatever. It can all be blamed on Obamacare.