Commenters from The Plum Line continue to be well-represented. A comment from The Answer Sheet appears for the second straight day.

Tie — 1. From The Morning Plum: The consequences of GOP opposition to Obamacare by Greg Sargent; eerock (22 likes) 

Some states outlawed slavery, others cherished it. The latter fell behind. Some states spent more on education, others didn’t. The latter fell behind. Some states welcome immigrants, others were less welcoming. The latter fell behind. And now some states are taking a greater interest than other in the health of their citizenry. We know how this ends.

Tie — 1. From Scott Brown can run and win on Obamacare by Jennifer Rubin; Rose4 (22 likes)

Such hypocrisy! Moving from a state with the most successful Obamacare of any state in the union to run against it. Shades of Romney.

3. From Elizabeth Warren sheds light on Washington’s failure by Ryan Cooper; GayBadger (20 likes)

I’m proud to have Warren as my senator. She’s actually interested in working on the banking committee to shape sound public policy, not just making a spectacle of herself on the floor.

4. From School named after KKK grand wizard to be renamed — finally by Valerie Strauss; snarkk (19 likes)

What is damning about this article is that as late as 2007, the school board officially refused to change the name. The Confederate States Army lives on in many parts of the South, and in the Tea Party…

5. From Five myths about the future of Obamacare by Eric Patashnik and Julian Zelizer; nickindc (12 likes)

After two years of coverage under the Preexisting Condition Insurance Plan, coverage created by the ACA as a bridge to the new competitive marketplaces (coverage for which I am grateful), today I completed my enrollment in a plan through the ACA marketplace. I can’t say it was easy given the problems with DC’s Healthlink Web site. However, I am delighted with the end result. Solid coverage at a reasonable price. Eureka!

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