Politics continues its grip on our top comments, with the exception of a local story on deer sterilization.

In summary: liberals should be afraid when ads point out the truth.

Fact: I still have the insurance I always had, my doctor has not quit nor is there a death panel in sight.

Why settle for some second-rate Republican alternative even if they could come up with one, that is a day late and a dollar short like 99 percent of Republican “alternatives.” [Read the full comment here.]

Tie — 3. From Paul Ryan heads up the political ladder by Jennifer Rubin; SFNM (10 likes)

We’re all waiting breathlessly for Dr. Ryan’s healthcare plan: “Take two aspirin and go to your nearest emergency room.”

Cute deer: Lyme disease, vegetation destroyed, deer in rut, deer attracting coyotes, deer losing fear of people, deer/auto collisions, taxpayers dollars wasted (Borrowed money from China to pay for this?)

“Democrats promised you could keep your insurance and you can’t.”

Huh. I’m keeping mine. Oh, wait. Are you taking something that affects a very small percentage of the population and assuming it’s going to be a key issue for everybody? You probably shouldn’t do that.