Talk of “Duck Dynasty” and free speech dominates the comments.

1. From Sarah Palin, Gov. Bobby Jindal defend Phil Robertson after he’s suspended from ‘Duck Dynasty’ by Reliable Source; vavoter45 (46 likes)

This guy has a right to say whatever he wants. The people who employ him have a right to suspend him or fire him if they feel he hurts their business. Free speech isn’t freedom from consequences.

2. From ‘Duck Dynasty’ dad blind to reality by Jonathan Capehart; GayBadger (21 likes)

Just to be clear here…. I fully support the “free speech rights” of religious crazies, from the Taliban to this Duck slob. After all, the more they talk, the more irrelevant they become.

I also support the rights of A&E to administer their contracts and programming in accordance with our capitalist free market principles.

3. From New Mexico Supreme Court legalizes gay marriage by Aaron Blake; areawoman (20 likes)

I’m pretty sure I was told that my marriage would crumble if gays were allowed to marry. Seventeen states later, and no impact.

Gee, I wasn’t misled by a bunch of fearmongers, was I?

4. From What to do when your golden ‘Duck’ lays an egg by Alexandra Petri; Handsome_John_Pruitt (18 likes)

Is the government preventing this guy from saying this stuff? If not, then what does the First Amendment have to do with it? Is A&E now an elected body of lawmakers? I believe they are a private company who have their own right to hire, fire, or suspend whomever they feel like.

5. From The public still blames Bush. And it celebrates the Clintons by Sean Sullivan; CXT20 (13 likes)

I blame George W. Bush. I blame him for the tragic war in Iraq, for doubling the deficit, and for continuing Clinton’s loosening of regulations which led to the worst recession in fifty years. I see G.W. Bush as the worst president in my lifetime with Nixon second.

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