Our commenters can’t get enough of “Duck Dynasty,” which continues to be one of the  hottest topic in the comments.

It is well past the point where we speak honestly about where our political culture is and stop laying the blame at the president’s doorstep. Tell Joe Biden to get 25 of his colleagues and call the president and ask to spend a weekend at Camp David to work on some ideas. [Read the full comment here.]

2. From Duck Dynasty culture war by Joel Achenbach; MsJS (16 likes)

There are no coincidences in life.

Every state where Mitt Romney owns a home now has legal same-sex marriage.

What do ‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson and 45 percent of Americans have in common? Ignorance, homophobia, and bigotry, just to name three obvious things.

I get it — apparently what this means is that Republican voters didn’t get any smarter, despite the miserable performance of their elected representatives in Congress. This is not exactly a revelation…

This is what happens when you glorify the military too much and afford it excessive perks and fawning. David Petraeus comes to mind readily.