Our top two comments come from The Plum Line. Obamacare remains on everyone’s mind.

1. From Republicans could face serious backlash over unemployment benefit expiration by George Zornick; Daniel J. Drazen (27 likes)

According to Republican orthodoxy, the deregulated affluent are supposed to step up now and create the jobs to take the place of extension of unemployment benefits.


2. From Are Republicans ready to surrender on the debt ceiling again by George Zornick; rgray (25 likes)

Asking Republican leaders what their party will do next is like asking Dr. Frankenstein about his monster’s plans. They just don’t know. The GOP has become a reactionary creature that can’t be reasoned with — it just stumbles around in fear and anger damaging everyone’s stuff. Hopefully over time it will die or go away but I’m not holding my breath.

3. From Obama signs up for health care, selects ‘bronze’ plan in D.C. exchange by Philip Rucker; PinkElephant (23 likes)

Hilarious! Like he’s worried about the astronomical deductibles and doubled premiums that many families are facing under the cheapest “bronze” plan. Of course, most of his supporters don’t even understand deductibles. It’s going to be a laugh riot when they learn the hard way: “You mean I’ve been paying $500 a month and my $1200 ER visit isn’t covered?” … hahahaha

4. From Utah’s same-sex couples can keep getting married, for now by Niraj Chokshi; stooges_cubed (21 likes)

Wanna know what Jesus says about homosexuality? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

5. From Poll: Support for Obamacare hits new low by Aaron Blake; ConservativeIntellectual (13 likes)

Just wait until it actually kicks in and your typical low information voter is stunned by the total out-of-pocket costs of these plans. Then, when the employer mandate is finally instituted a year later than it was supposed to be, it is definitely going to hit the fan. Don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for the guy.

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