GovBeat and The Switch were popular with our commenters this weekend, as each placed two comments in our top five.

When this country stops giving tens of billions of dollars in tax cuts to Big Oil then I will stop criticizing Congress for cutting food stamps and unemployment benefits to our nation’s poor and hungry. When this country stops buying weapons systems that the Pentagon doesn’t even want, feeding our military industrial complex’s insatiable appetite for taxpayer dollars, then I will stop criticizing Congress’s refusal to raise the minimum wage to this nation’s working poor. The operative word is…..working. Pope Francis has explicitly criticized the concept of “trickle down economics” ….. Jesus never preached “blessed are the fiscal conservatives.”

125 years is too long. Copyright should last 50 years from creation, or the life of the author, whichever is longer. That supports the author during his/her entire life, and any children of the author until they are grown. That’s enough. Current law is benefitting corporations, not authors. For comparison, a patent only lasts 20 years from the filing date.

Understand, the House leaders can’t be weighed down by petty trifles like facts and evidence.

What’s interesting is how American democracy died without a whimper. The history lesson here seems to be that if you take sides in a thousand year religious war you’ll doom your democracy because the only place you’ll find refuge from the unbridled passions and hatreds unleashed by religious war is behind the walls of a police state.

Who would have thought?

The House can’t even pass a single piece of immigration reform legislation and the onus is on Obama? Get real. As far as 2014, it starts with millions more getting health insurance. That is ALL due to Obama and the Democrats. There is a governing party, and then there is the rhetorical party. As your piece demonstrates, there isn’t much prospect of that changing in 2014.